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Hamilton Two Bladed 22D30 Propeller P06-02-HM

The AVIATEK Hamilton Two Bladed 22D30 Propeller P06-02-HM is a compact way to teach Hydromatic propeller operation. In the early 1930s Frank W. Caldwell of Hamilton Standard led a team that developed a variable-pitch propeller, using hydraulic pressure and centrifugal force to change the angle of attack of the blades. At the time, Hamilton was the largest manufacturer of aircraft propellers in the world.


  • A complete propeller unit with mandrel for bench mounting,
  • blade-turning tool, prop-distributor valve, de-icer slinger ring and rear propeller cone.
  • Perform Operation of the propeller and change the pitch of angle
  • User / instructor manual including student lab. practice
  • Includes CBT (Computer Based Training)


  • Pitch Angle
  • Mechanical Hydraulic
  • Overhaul Manual


Hartzel Two Bladed Propeller P06-02-HZ

With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of structural composite blades, Hartzell introduced the second generation Advance Structural Composite (ASC-II) blade in 2006. Several certified OEM airframe manufacturers have selected the ASC-II blade as standard equipment because of the low weight, low inertia, and low life cycle costs that it offers their customers.

The Hartzell ASC-II consists of a unique monocoque structure of advanced composite materials. The structure consists of carbon fiber laminates integrated into a co-molded stainless steel shank. The outboard half of the leading edge is protected with a co-molded electroformed nickel erosion shield.


  • counterweight type two-bladed propellers
  • cut-away versions.
  • Perform Operation of the propeller and change the pitch of angle
  • User / instructor manual including student lab. practice
  • Includes CBT (Computer Based Training)


  • Pitch Angle
  • Counter Weight
  • Centrifugal Force
  • Overhaul Manual


Aircraft Magneto Bench Test Trainer S-2

The Aviatek Magneto Test Bench can be used to test functionality of most Bendix and Slick magnetos. It features a variable-speed drive motor with a solid-state speed controller and tachometer. The unit is reversible and can be used to test both right and left hand drive magnetos. It is mounted on a roll-around cabinet with two lockable compartments with caster wheel and brakes


  • In addition to monitoring the spark for quality, strength, color, frequency and performance.
  • The unit also tests:
    • The tachometer contact/breaker for operation.
    • Starter contact/breaker for ignition boost.
    • Tests at optimum operating RPMs up to 4200.
  • Additional Safety features.
  • Acrylic cover for spark gap assembly.
  • Custom made coupling.
  • Adjustable magneto mount.
  • Custom universal nonmetallic distributor test caps.
  • Delivered Ready-to-Run, Fully tested and Operational.
  • Interactive CBT.
  • Operation Training Manual.


  • Operating Speed Range: 0-4200 RPM
  • Test Component Attachment: Universal magneto mounting pad with 360° rotation
  • Spark Gap Assembly: Front panel mounted, manually adjustable from 0-15 millimeters
  • Fourteen gap assemblies, 3 point arrangement
  • Spark Advance and Retard Indicator: Provides measurement of spark advance and retard
  • Tachometer: 0-5000 rpm
  • Ammeter: 0-5.0 amps
  • Capacitor test meter: DC leakage and capacitance


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