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Since established in 1998 until now, PT. Telenetina Sarana Teknik Utama (Telenetina) always and never separated from the world of aviation. With the head office in Jl Megasari no. 5 Bandung 40175 - Indonesia, Telentina build and provides model aircraft, parts also aeromodelling training / education for children, for hobbies and also for professionals. To serve this, Telenetina provides online shop Bandung-Aeromodeling

Sejak didirikan pada tahun 1998 hingga sekarang, PT. Telenetina Sarana Teknik Utama (Telenetina) selalu dan tidak pernah lepas dari dunia penerbangan. Dengan kantor pusat di Jl Megasari no. 5 Bandung 40175 - Indonesia, Telentina membangun dan menyediakan pesawat model, suku cadang juga pelatihan aeromodelling untuk anak-anak, untuk pecinta aeromodeling dan untuk para profesional. Untuk melayani hal ini, Telenetina menyediakan toko online Bandung-Aeromodeling

Aeromodeling for Education

Along with business growth, Telenetina is now equipped with workshop machines such as digital milling, electronic workshops, fiberglass workshops, aeromodeling workshops and metal & electric welding workshops at Telenetina's workshop facilities in Padalarang, Bandung.

Serving customer's demand, Telenetina now also design, build and deliver aircraft ground power units, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), RPV (Remotely Piloted Vehicle) and also drones, completed with Radio Control, instruments, onboard GPS and Flight Data Recorder /Logger for aerial survey. Telenetina also develop and provides Lab equipment. such as subsonic wind tunnels.

Since 2005, we also design, manufacture and deliver of Aviation Maintenance Trainer System (AMT Trainers) for aircraft technician or technician student, such as Helicopter Trainer, Aircraft Avionics & Instruments, Aircraft Electrical System Trainer, Aircraft Hydraulic & Landing Gear System Trainer, Aircraft Powerplant Trainer, Fuel System & Air System Trainer, etc.

Seiring dengan pertumbuhan usaha, Telenetina kini dilengkapi dengan mesin-mesin bengkel seperti mesin digital frais, workshop elektronik, workshop fiberglass, workshop aeromodeling dan workshop logam dan las listrik di fasilitas bengkel milik Telenetina di daerah Padalarang Bandung.

Untuk melayani permintaan pelanggan, Telenetina kini juga membangun dan menyediakan unit unit daya darat pesawat, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), RPV (Remotely Piloted Vehicle), dan juga drone yang dilengkapi dengan radio control, instrumen, GPS onboard dan Perekam Data Penerbangan / Logger untuk survei udara. Telenetina juga membuat dan menyediakan peralatan Lab. seperti Terowongan angin Subsonic.

Sejak 2005, Kami juga merancang, membangun dan mengirimkan Sistem Trainer Stadard untuk Pemeliharaan Pesawat (AMT Trainer) bagi teknisi dan calon teknisi pesawat, seperti Trainer Helikopter, Trainer Avionics & Instruments, Trainer Sistem Kelistrikan Pesawat, Trainer Sistem Hidrolik dan Roda Pendarat Pesawat, Trainer Engine pesawat, Trainer System Bahan Bakar Pesawat dll.

The company registration and licences:

SKMen Kehakiman RI No: C2-5796HT.01.01TH98
SIUP (Trading/Business Licence) No: 510/2-0325/2008/3062-BPPT/2010
TDP (Company Registration) No: 101115107269
NPWP (VAT.Registration) No: 01.778.261.6-428.000
API-U (General Importer Registration) No: 102001735-P

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PT. Telenetina Sarana Teknik Utama

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Jl. Megasari No. 5 Bandung, Indonesia 40175

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Babakan Garut RT.02 / RW.10 Ds. Mekasari
Ngamprah, Kab. Bandung Barat, Indonesia

Phone / SMS / WA / Line:
(+62)-22-6013-999 (Office)
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